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"Let's Feed and Thank Them !"

A PACCGC Initiative to thank Chicago's Emergency Rooms with meals

We wanted to provide a simple, thoughtful way, for any of us, in the Filipino spirit of  love and appreciation through food, to thank Chicago's Emergency Room Staffs for their sacrifices and dedication in keeping us safe and healthy during these trying times.
Click either link to find the ER you want to feed and thank.


A few notes...
An Emergency Room shift can include custodians, administrative support, MD's, RN's, CNA's, Security personnel and  many other team members totaling from 15 to 70 team members. 


If an ER uses to schedule receipt of meals and prevent overlaps, you will need to create an account.

PACCGC  does not get any fees from the use of

If you want to order food and have it delivered directly or by you and volunteers, please call the ER in advance, using our database's information.

If you see RED or have better database information or ER contacts to help us improve our information, please email us us at so we can update our dynamic and organically grown database.

Thank you for showing Chicago's ER's our community cares!

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